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Terms & Conditions

Dungpile.co.nz (hereafter Dungpile) is operated by Ecaballus Ltd, a New Zealand-registered company.

By accessing and using this website you agree to abide by its terms and conditions, described below.

Dungpile is a marketplace for buyers and sellers. It is not responsible for any listings, nor any contracts that may arise between parties over the sale and purchase of listed items. Dungpile is not a party to such contracts, which are solely between buyers and sellers, for which applicable New Zealand law applies.

Dungpile in no way warrants any goods or services offered through this website. This does not in any way inhibit the rights of buyers and sellers to exercise their consumer rights as they apply between buyers and sellers. It will not adjudicate in any disputes between parties.

Users of Dungpile agree to post relevant, accurately described, and correctly categorised items which are legal to sell under New Zealand law. Users undertake that their content will not be copied from elsewhere (plagiarised) and that it will comply with all relevant laws, including those covering advertising standards and copyright.

They agree that they will not sell fraudulently described, counterfeit or stolen items.

Users agree to indemnify Dungpile for any breach of these undertakings.

Dungpile does not impose an age restriction on users, but both buyers and sellers should be aware that contracts with under-age individuals may not be legally binding.

All users undertake that they will not post misleading claims, defamatory or threatening material, or spam. They agree not to post offensive, abusive or indecent material, nor anything that might incite racial hatred. They will not use the website to air complaints against other parties or individuals.

Fair use provisions apply for the website. Users agree not to submit bulk listings, nor make use of posted information for anything other than the buying and selling of items within, and connected to, this website.  Users agree not to harvest information on users, or their listings, for anything other than the individual sale or purchase of items through this website.

Users agree that they will not post any material that could be considered in breach of confidence and/or privacy.

Users are solely responsible for the information they post to the website and any consequences that arise from it.

Dungpile may, at its discretion, delete content or refuse to publish listings if we consider it breaches the terms of use described above. Users may, at Dungpile’s discretion, face restrictions to their site access for breaches of any terms of use.

Dungpile reserves the right to edit or remove ads as it sees fit, and may do so without giving reasons for doing so. Dungpile is not able to monitor all advertisements and users are encouraged to report posts of possible concern.

Dungpile in no way endorses any items or services listed. It cannot guarantee that the website will always be online. It will not be held liable for any outages or bugs in its systems. The website is therefore provided onan as-is basis.

It does not endorse any third-party links posted to the website.

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